Due to having the test at own facility that more than 100,000 PCR tests a year
We could offer you
Express test gives you Neagative Certificate in 30min.
(In case destination allows NEAR test for negative certificate)
PCR test type and price
PCR検査 種類と価格
Real-Time PCR
PCR Test with Negative Certificate

PCR test
Express Test by NEAR
Express Test with Negative Certificate

Express test
Open everyday
Business hours
(13:30-14:30 lunchbreak)
Real Time PCR
Express Test/NEAR
(Nasal swab)
Estimated test result report and negative certificate issuance time
検査結果報告と陰性証明書発行 時間の目安
Pick up Original Negative Certificate
at Clinic
Testing by 13:30 → Pick up 17:00 -18:00
Testing by 17:00 → Pick up 10:00 next day
Receive PDF data
by email
Testing by 13:30 → send data by 18:00
Testing by 13:30 → send data by 22:00
Testing Time Pick up(Original) Email(pdf data)
10:00-13:30 same day 17:00-18:00 same day 18:00
14:30-17:00 next day 10:00 same day 22:00
Express Test by NEAR

Will issue Negative Certificate
Within 1hour after taking sample

Reference information: Negative certificate
information required for entry into each country
Negative certificate sample
Shinagawa Medical Clinic